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Nothing To Be Afraid Of

June 1, 2009

So this morning, my boss, who is officed and resides about 4 hours away, showed up about 9:30. In he strolled and said “Hi”. I just said good morning, enquired about his weekend and went back to work. As I went about my business, the random thought floated across my mind that I was glad I was doing nothing wrong because gee, he isn’t normally there. And hard on the heels of that thought was the thought that when you don’t do anything wrong you have nothing to be afraid of. I am so glad today that I have nothing to be afraid of. I give an honest day’s work and then some to my job, I always have. Even when I am not thrilled with it, I try to do my best. All through our building people have a serious stress reaction when my boss shows up for a few days (he owns the company). This always makes me wonder what is going on when he isn’t there that people feel they can’t do when he is? If folks are just doing their jobs properly, it really shouldn’t make any difference if he is there or not. He doesn’t monitor anything more on site than he does off, he isn’t there to get anyone in trouble, he’s just there looking after his business, as he should. You shouldn’t be more on the job, or on your toes, when the boss is around; your job is your job and you should give your best effort to it no matter what. Then, when your boss is around, you don’t have to change your ways, look over your shoulder, or have anything to be afraid of. How nice.


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