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The Marching Band Maven

May 6, 2009

Ok, so on the subject of heroes. I was watching the news and amidst all the usual annoying crap, trivial bullshit and depressing bad news there was a gem of a story. I didn’t catch the whole thing but… Apparently there is a gent in New Orleans who decided that there was not enough for the children to do. So he started, of all things, a freelance marching band. It is not clear to me how or where the instruments come from, but this guy apparently teaches the music, and the marches and moves to the kids. This has become an enormous success. In fact it is such a success, that there is a 400 place waiting list. The man said in the story that there is an eight year old who calls him every day and says “are you the man with the band? I want to be in your band.” Wow. This also falls in the category of what one person does can make a difference, despite what people often say. This man’s perseverance and clarity of vision is making a huge difference in the lives of hundreds of children. Although he has the most impact on the kids in the band, he has also already affected the lives of the 400 kids who want to be in his band. This is a hero, real deal. He isn’t trying to make a reputation, be in a movie, get famous; he is just trying to do some good in a world really short on selfless goodness. Let’s see… your role model can be a multi million dollar athlete rapist, or some musician in New Orleans who loves music and loves kid. I know who I pick.


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  1. Happy Mother’s Day! While others plan big family celebrations, this invisible woman literally is recoving from senior prom, complete with a full day of primping and the compulsary sleepness night until the key goes in the door.Just a few short months and OFF she goes to Gatorland! Love ya! Mel

  2. love you too. you need to become a follower!

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