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Explain It To Me

October 7, 2008

Trying for some real consistency here, not every day but often, often, often. So…tonight McSame and O’Bama have at it again. Hopefully someone has told McCain that interrupting people just makes him look stupid; no, I take it back, the stupider the better. I believe that Obama refrained from aggression in the last debate in order to ensure looking “presidential” but I really hope he attacks a bit more and does not let some of the more blatant posturing and downright falsehoods pass. I still don’t understand how Obama’s numbers can be so close to McCain’s (notwithstanding that he is doing better) when this was the election the dems couldn’t lose and should be even more so now. This does not, of course, take into consideration the whole issue of whether America is really ready for an african-american preisdent; another discussion. While I support Obama, I am confused about what is right for the future, the future seems terribly complex to me and I am not sure anyone really understands it. If they do, they are doing a tragically bad job of explaining it in real, pragmatic and useful terms to the rest of us. Generalities and political posturing are great for showing the big differences between the candidates, but our form of government doesn’t allow for it to be that simple. For the big things to really change, an awful lot of people with very varied agendas would have to “get it” all at the same time and with the same purpose….not very likely.


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