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How many places can you hide a sock?

February 15, 2008

So I have this child, and he is not naturally neat. As he has become a teenager, his propensity to heaps of garbage has grown, along with the heaps of garbage. Even as a small child, he was a pack rat, a hoarder of everything; bits of paper, rocks, sticks, trash of any kind. His greatest feat, however, is his ability to “leave” his socks, or distribute his socks, in places almost impossible to fathom. As a baby, there was no possible way to keep shoes on his feet. People would follow along after me saying politely “ma’am, I think this is yours”, a tiny shoe in their hands. It was almost as difficult to keep socks on his feet; we had one of everything. As soon as he was old enough to actually take his socks off purposefully, he would roll them off, creating a little ball, and then toss them (at least that’s what I assume he did). Since that time we have found socks in every conceivable place: behind books in the bookshelf, inside the vcr, under sofa cushions, in the sink, in the shower, in a bucket of electronics, in his school backpack, in the backseat of my car, in the yard and in any other weird place you can conjure up. He has always had a kind of blindness about trash, dirty clothes and clutter generally. As it piles up in his room, he just sits on top of it, he has always done this. If clean laundry finds its way into his room, he just puts it in a pile on the floor which gradually merges with the dirty laundry on the floor and then ends up right back in the laundry. We keep a fairly tidy house, and then there is his room. I can only hope that seeing the rest of the house will place images in his subconscious that will resurface someday, particularly if he hopes to marry. For now, I just close the door.


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